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Let me tell you a story. As I’m writing this I’m on YouTube listening to music. Every time I choose or skip a song I almost lose my mind. Now the reason for that is the obnoxiously intrusive Olay ad that just ruined my day.

Marketing isn’t what it used to be anymore.

Back in the day all you needed to do is find out where your consumer hung out or what TV program they watched and you’d be able to capture minutes of their attention. Remember when I mentioned that marketers ruin everything? They ruined your audience.

It’s time we all stopped harassing and started engaging.


If you’re measuring your marketing campaigns, you know they’re broken down into one key metric. Cost per lead. It’s the only thing that matters if you want to be making sales. I don’t care if you’re a B2B software company or a little internet block. A newsletter sign up is still a lead even if you’re not making a phone call.

These days it’s not enough to just put out the messaging, you need to give people a reason to initiate contact on their own terms. That’s huge. We’ve developed ways to engage with users and begin the conversation with your company on your behalf.

And as for the cost per lead part, we provide guarantees so you always get the most for your dollars.


If you’re not measuring your marketing campaigns and directly translating them into sales, then this is the option for you. We design and deliver advertising at the point where the user is most available to join in the conversation. They key point is that the interaction with your audience needs to be a conversation and not harassment. We don’t cookie the hell out of users and follow them around the internet and we don’t trade enjoyment for ad views. (See above comment about Youtube)

More than anything else, we’ll make sure that no one ever forgets you.

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